Covering an event live from your company's social media account is an excellent way to increase your company's visibility, gain new influencers, and in real time, engage with your customers.  However, doing it right takes time away from  important face to face interactions with event attendees.

Instead let Social Curve handle your social media LIVE coverage with live streaming, photos, videos, and content posts.

Don't want to go live but are still in need of a professional video to promote your business, an event, or sale?  We can do that too!

"Reach beyond the physical attendees of the event itself"




Pre Event

  • Develop a social media strategy customized to your event goals

  • Research SEO keywords to implement into your social media platforms

  • Research speaker, venue, and company

  • Customize social platforms to showcase upcoming event

  • Develop hashtag campaign

  • Promote contests & giveaways


  • Coverage through live streaming, photos, videos, and posts.

  • Ensure to capture keynotes of the event

  • Monitor event hashtags on social media platforms

  • Engage in online conversations in realtime

  • Identify leads and press opportunities

  • Hashtag monitoring

  • Execute contests and giveaways

Post Event

  • Report analytics

  • Return social media platform images to original design

  • Create a thank you video of event sponsors

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