Live Event Coverage

"Reach beyond the physical attendees of the event itself"

Covering an event live from your company's social media account is an excellent way to increase your company's visibility, gain new influencers, and in real time, engage with your customers.  However, doing it right takes time away from  important face to face interactions with event attendees.

Instead let Social Curve handle your social media LIVE coverage with live streaming, photos, videos, and content posts.

So...what's this gonna cost?

Current Rates

$850 (flat rate)

This includes all pre event strategies, full event coverage, and post event reporting.  Requests that fall outside of the scope of work outlined above, will be billed as additional costs.  Clients must cover any event entrance fees for our social media consultants and these arrangements must be made prior to the event.  The $850 flat rate is the general cost for one full day (8 hr) event coverage (plus pre and post event services).  For half-day or multi-day events, please contact us below:

In-store Interview/Promotion/Facebook Live Video: $100

Non-Profit Organization rates available.


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