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2 pm coffee...yes please!

possibly in my jammies........ Ok, so now that you know a little too much, this post isn't really about coffee, however it plays a part. Just thought it would be fun to talk about the benefits of being self employed. And so of course coffee does come into play because its part of what fuels Social Curve...... I mean, we actually have a slide about our love for coffee on our about us page. But I digress..

Being a self employed small business owner has soooo many benefits! We've already established that I may or may not be in my pajamas at 2:35 pm on a Tuesday while I write this (funny how after I wrote the sentence I questioned whether that is a benefit or not...) sipping on a hot cup of coffee from my fave mug. That is only the beginning..... let's talk about the fact that I am doing something I LOVE, something I am passionate about....HELLLLOOOOO!!??? that is HUGE! At least for me anyways.

I am doing something I LOVE, something I am passionate about

I can work the hours I want at the pay that I am worth, be available for my kiddos, choose what jobs I want to take on, go on holidays whenever (although that doesn't happen often enough), and countless other boring but still important factors................did someone say tax deductions?? I also have time for my other passions...abstract artist and musician

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Sounds amazing right??

Here's the kicker though, if you are at all lazy or unmotivated (I know you are all thinking about the pajamas at 2pm....... I assure you that is not the norm) being self employed may not be for you. It is a lot of work and takes drive, passion, networking and some $$$. You need to market yourself

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You must also be able to balance your work life and family and personal time. It is really easy to overwork yourself because you are doing something you are passionate about and it just doesn't feel like "work".

If you are an entrepreneur at heart I know you are reading this and thinking about that "thing" that you love that you wish could just be your career. My advice would be research the competition and see if there is a market and then just do it (insert Nike swoosh)'ll never know if you don't try.....but just remember there is sacrifice, hard work, and $$$ required to make your dream happen. Next thing you know, you'll be in the afternoon coffee club and may or may not be wearing pajamas (I won't judge you if you are ;) )


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