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Market those muffins!

Muffins? Really? Well no, not exactly...but I was trying to think of a catchy title. Donuts, however, are another story. What am I talking about you ask? Social media marketing and how it actually works....really well. I wanted to share with you a story of a girl (yes, that girl is me) and how her news feed literally fed her appetite.


So here I am minding my own business (well not exactly, because Facebook is all about everyone else's business), when a photo of a donut catches my eye. But not just any donut. This wasn't some everyday, been sitting in the glass case since yesterday, chocolate has gone a little hard, run of the mill donut. This was something of a dream. Cream filled, chocolate glazed, light and soft pastry like dough......I had to have it. So I notice that the post is from a bakery in the neighboring town of Grand Forks. 45 minute drive! No Angela, that is ridiculous. No donut for me.

donut that I saw on social media advertising
Marvelous Munchies Bakeshop

But then low and behold, In the next few weeks I keep seeing these delectable treats in my newsfeed from this bakery. So now the Bakery name is ingrained in my mind. I've liked their page and have checked out all their photos.

And what do you know? The following week my husband and I happen to be driving through Grand Forks...... "STOP!" I yell (no literally I yelled it), "We have to get donuts from that bakery!"

He rolled his eyes but alas he agreed because that's what good husbands do when the wife wants sugar. And all I can say is WOW!!! Now that was a donut!

This was truly a case of how proper social media marketing and management works. Great photos, catchy content, and constant updates to keep your customers engaged, partnered with some sponsored ads WILL draw consumers to want what you are offering.

People always say they understand how social media marketing is an important tool for their business. They also almost always say "I just don't have the time" , yet they hesitate to hire someone to do it for them. So hopefully this little testimonial from a very happy customer will change your mind.

hmmmmm maybe my title should have been 'Donut neglect social media marketing' ;)

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