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Face it....Facebook Works

We started our company, Social Curve, aimed at small businesses. One of the most common questions we hear:

Is Having a Facebook Page Important, or even Necessary for a Small Business?

YES! YES! and YES again!

Most clients & consumers go online to check out a business and product before they make a purchase; and quite often, they end up on Facebook.

Customers wants to know:

- address

- directions

- opening hours

Customers want to see:

- images

- videos

- reviews

- activity

- recommendations

- menu (if applicable)

AND even send a message to communicate (ChatBots are useful for this…but that can be in

another blog post).

Frequently, a business’s Facebook page is the first branded piece of marketing your future clients or customers see of your brand and your business. Also, frequently, it is your Facebook page, not your website, they go to first! We’ve said it before, but with 2 billion people on Facebook…that’s a lot of traffic and a lot of potential clients!!

It will still payoff to keep your Facebook page current and with updated information, even if your level of activity isn’t much more than posting a few times per month.

Why wouldn’t you want your customers to have the ability to access you 24/7?? That alone should make you stop reading this blog and go get a business page if you don’t have one.

Why would you not want to have access to your customers 24/7? Running ads on Facebook is the cheapest and by far the most effective way to market yourself. You can target your ideal customer, and even if your Facebook page doesn’t have a lot of activity, you can still run ads any time you need to.

As mentioned above, serving small businesses was our goal and vision when we started Social Curve. With our 3 social media management packages, our aim is to take the pressure of online marketing off the small business owners. We also offer services of setting up Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts, blogs, ads, analytical reporting, audits and reviews.

The popular quote “Life is a marathon, not a sprint”, is also very relevant for social media. Creating an engaging account with current & beautiful content doesn’t happen overnight, but by simply having a Facebook presence you are ensuring you make a first impression, and who wouldn’t want that?

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