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A picture is worth a thousand words

It's true. A great image will draw potential customers to engage in your post. You may be an amazing writer and have a story to tell, or your sale prices may be lower than any competition, but without a great picture to catch their attention, consumers will scroll on by.

It's like window shopping..... what's in the front display is what will get me to walk in the door.

I know, I know, who has the time to take quality pictures of their product? Or maybe you just don't have a good camera. Or you are like me and use your phone to take all your pictures and the quality just isn't there....or the skill. (sorry apple, but the iPhone SE camera stinks)

Don't worry! There are lots of great image creation tools out there. My personal favorite is Canva. You will find plenty of free images, purchase individual ones, or choose to pay a monthly subscription for access to 300,000 amazing images. Add text, filters, graphics.....the options are endless.

You can also try out Picmonkey, Stencil, and BeFunky. Whichever you choose, the important thing is that you pair your social media posts with creative, visually appealing images.

There, that's only 197 words.......your picture is worth 803 more.

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